[KLUG Advocacy] Re: Microsoft: WE Invented the Internet!

Mike Williams knightperson at zuzax.com
Tue Nov 9 13:25:25 EST 2004

>From: Andrew Thompson <apthmpsn at imagerie.com>
>Subject: [KLUG Advocacy] Microsoft: WE Invented the Internet!

I really hope this is some form of misunderstanding, or a nutty writer 
spreading sensationalist nonsense.  It's questionable enough that 
Fraunhofer claims exclusive writes to any algorithm used to create 
MP3's, or that some poor guy got thrown in jail for disclosing the 4 
lines of code to decrypt a DVD video stream.  Now MS is trying to claim 
control over publicly developed protocols?  Including (somebody correct 
me if I'm wrong) TCP/IPv4, which predates the existence of Microsoft?

How can you claim intellectual property writes over a protocol, or any 
other standard?  Can I go down to the patent office and claim that 
everybody needs to give me a quarter every time they make a stop sign 
that's a red octagon with a white border?  How about the fact that we 
drive down the right side of the road and don't cross solid yellow lines?

I think Microsoft just has too many lawyers who are trying to justify 
their existence.

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