[KLUG Advocacy] Eavesdrop on a Chat - Linux Still Not Mainstream... BALONEY!!!

magoo mag00 at voyager.net
Thu Mar 3 18:50:46 EST 2005

Eavesdrop on a Chat - Linux Still Not Mainstream...  BALONEY!!!

Linux is still not mainstream... some believe?  I'm delighted 
that Linux has FINALLY ARRIVED on the desktop... WOO HOO BOO!
I've been pushing Linux to PC enthusiasts and one sent me 
this chat snip...  Too bad this is what a Windows user sees
when they ask others about Linux.  They talk about history...
nobody loves Windows.  So many love Linux, once they learn it.

The DOOM 3 port (and other games) run in Linux...
DVD/CD ripping works great in Linux...
Hardware drivers are pervasive in Linux now...


From: William Edwards 
To: magoo at voyager.net
Subject: Linux (.)(.)
Date: 02 Mar 2005 21:32:25 -0500

Hello Ralph,

Here's a little bit of a conversation I was in on about linux.

HackKer - "The standard response you got from the newsgroups was to 
recompile your kernel for everything. Or write your own driver. Or trace 
down some dude in Germany that wrote some hack that made it work. It wasn't 
an OS, it is an electronic version of the erector set."

Wire - "Hahahaha. I remember when someone told me to write a driver because 
my vid card wasn't supported for Linux.  At the time, best I could do was 
code a smiley face (with a hat! And rockin' shoes!) in C++...but, I'm not 
sure a smiley face with rockin' shoes would have gotten Linux to recognize 
my vid card.  So I cried, and they told me I was too stoooopid to be using a 
computer...because I couldn't code my own drivers.  God I hated the Linux 

ka0tyk - "yah its still like that though. its like if u cant sit there for 
hours and figure out how to compile something and get it to work, they think 
you're a total idiot. there's a few people out there willing to help though. 
the rest are just egotistical geeks with huge e-[censored].

Me --> D3$tr0y3r - "Give me an OS that I can easily manipulate the hardware, 
copy/rip/burn CD/DVDs, Play all my games on, run my 5.1 surround/EAX 
soundcard with those games and movies, then maybe, just MAYBE Id switch away 
from MS.

I thought some of this was a little humorous.


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