[KLUG Advocacy] Eavesdrop on a Chat - Linux Still Not Mainstream... BALONEY!!!

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Mar 3 20:59:38 EST 2005

> > Linux is still not mainstream... some believe?  I'm delighted 
> > that Linux has FINALLY ARRIVED on the desktop... WOO HOO BOO! 
> It certainly is much better than it was. There are still a few minor issues I
> have but most of those are nit-picks.

For the home desktop yes, for the corporate workstation there are still some
nasty missing bits (policies!)

> > I've been pushing Linux to PC enthusiasts and one sent me 
> > this chat snip...  Too bad this is what a Windows user sees
> > when they ask others about Linux.  They talk about history...
> > nobody loves Windows.  So many love Linux, once they learn it.
> I've pretty much come to the conclusion that 'pushing' Linux is not the way
> to go. Certainly I mention it when someone is complaining about Windows but,
> like the alcoholic, people need to take the first step themselves.

Yep,  I barely even mention it anymore.  I just wait till people move onto a
more interesting topic than reinstalling-windows-again, and then talk about
that.  I do mention applications like Open Office, Thunderbird, Firebox, etc...
since the average dude can grasp what those are.

> I have a friend that is constantly complaining to me about XP. 

Only one?  When people ask me what 'I do', I've considered that I should start
saying "Janitor" so I don't have to hear their long and very very boring
Windows sagas.  I just don't care.  If you still haven't realised you can go
somewhere else then your just so clueless that on judgement day you'll probably
be asking people which line you want be in.

> usually followed by him putting in the system restore disk. He sees me
> running Linux, see me actually being productive, sees that I don't have to
> reinstall every 6 weeks because some virus or spyware has hosed his machine.
> I tell him he doesn't have to commit to running Linux. 

The question is "Do they see?  Anything?"

> All he has to do is download the iso for Knoppix, burn a cd and try it. So 
> far he hasn't done that.

Nah, won't happen.

> > The DOOM 3 port (and other games) run in Linux...
> Games = PS/2

YES!  Games on workstations == silly.  Buy one of them black boxes.

> > DVD/CD ripping works great in Linux...
> Sure does!

Has for along time.

> > Hardware drivers are pervasive in Linux now...
> We still see some bleeding edge hardware with no drivers.

And of course lots of older hardware (scanners, etc...) don't work in 2000/XP. 
So six of one, half dozen of the other.

> <snip> 
> > I thought some of this was a little humorous.
> These sound like conversations from a few years ago. These people are
> certainly not using any of the modern distros.

Yea, very dated.  Maybe they are using Gentoo?

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