[KLUG Advocacy] Gmail for domains - review.

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Thu Apr 6 21:07:44 EDT 2006

> > Bear in mind that Google might be ordered to turn over all that email,
> > including "deleted" items, if this story is any indication:
> I might be ordered to turn over all the email on my work server too.
> I'm certainly not going to tell them "no" and go to prison!  :-)

Yep.  And I'd suspect that Google has more resources/leverage to make a
stink or drag-feet than either almost any individual or most [relatively
speaking] small companies.  If investigators have a court order to
acquire evidence they do not *need* to do so nicely,  they can just rip
your servers out of the rack and cart them away - and then it may be a
very long time until you see that hardware again.

> The gov. might stick a sniffer on the internet and capture everyone's
> email without having to subpoena any email provider.
> > http://news.com.com/Police+blotter+Judge+orders+Gmail+disclosure/2100-1047_3-6050295.html?tag=nefd.top
> > That might or might not be a problem for some people, but it's worth
> > knowing.
> Which is why it's good to pay attention at KLUG GPG presentations!  :-)

Yep, never trust the wire.

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