[KLUG Advocacy] Impressions of SuSe 10

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Sun Nov 13 12:46:22 EST 2005

> > > Yep,  I set that as a software repository and mplayer installed without
> > > incident.  It didn't complain about any dependencies or anything.  But I
> > > haven't tried doing the xmms mp3 thing or anything else yet.
> > Ah ha!  Banshee will play MP3s, and every other audio file I've tries,
> > right out of the box.
> Speaking of this thread, here's an UPDATE on my 10.0 complaints:
> I found what was causing the problem with my workspace switcher applet.
> It only seems to puke when you have "ssh-add" in your gnome session
> startup.  I removed that, edited "/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc", uncommented
> the ssh-add line there, and everything works fine now.

That seems wierd!

> I believe that's resolves the rest of my major issues with SuSE 10.0.
> I even upgraded my user at work, giving him gnome instead of KDE!  :-)


> Speaking of Gnome & KDE, I'm on the OpenSuSE mailing lists, and people
> have been raising holy-hell about SuSE's recent announcement to switch
> to Gnome as their primary desktop.  Can't please everybody I guess.  :-)

Gee, if they couldn't see that one coming where were their heads?
GNOME, in part just thanks to Evolution, has been the clear winner for
the corporate workstation for awhile  (it also has a HIG that is kept to
religiously, it has excellent accessibility and internationalization,

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